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"The Climate Inaction Figures" were created in collaboration with creative directors, Arturo Aranda and Cabot Norton as a satirical piece to promote carbon taxing for National Geographic Channel's award winning documentary series - "Years of Living Dangerously." 

As an artist, socio-political issues and the animosity it creates have always inspired me.  In this project , each character represented a conflict between fact and fantasy.   It boggled my mind that prominent public figures and policy makers of America could completely ignore science and act as if nothing was wrong. Through research of each characters’ source of funding and religious beliefs, I quickly discovered the corrupted mess of private and public interests. 

I immediately understood the direction Arturo and Cabot was heading.  Since I also believe that humor is the most powerful communication tool, this project came to me very naturally.   Dropping the viewer’s guard with a dosage of humor, invite them in and captivate the audience with a meticulously thought out and well executed presentation is my ideal way of communicating as a creative.